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Why would you want to work with us? Well our people are the driving force behind every success we’ve ever had, and ever will have. We work hard to make our people (whom we call associates) feel valued and recognised. We’ll give you a free reign over your projects, support your ideas and help you grow as best we can.

Roles cover everything from Sales and Marketing to Finance and Engineering and Support Services. Whatever you do, you’ll be working on our world famous brands, including Tunes®, Starburst®, Skittles®, Lockets®, Airwaves®, Orbit®, and of course, Extra®. We really do have something to suit everyone’s tastes.

We are currently recruiting for field sales representatives to join us nationwide.


Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom – these Five Principles are at the heart of our culture and they guide our approach to business. They unite us across geographies, languages, cultures and generations. In fact, they’ll underpin everything you do in your career at Mars so it’s well worth taking the time to find out more about them.

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The Wrigley Company Limited
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The Wrigley Company Limited
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